FBC Thibodaux’s

Worship Team

Here at FBC we are blessed to have many God-gifted musicians.  Over the past couple of years we have had many great people with musical abilities that have come and gone through the Church.  Currently we have been blessed with a full-arranged group of musicians that are not only leaders on stage, but also in other areas also.  Everyone who serves on the Praise Team also has another ministry along with it.  I have been blessed beyond reason to be apart of this team and to be able to share memories with them.  We are constantly building and spurring each other on and enjoying each others company.  Meet some of our members below! – Gerard Lavergne (Worship & Arts Director)

Our Leadership


Gerard Lavergne

Gerard Lavergne – Worship Leader

I am so very blessed to be a part of the Praise team!  I have been serving on this team for a year and a half and have been leading as Worship/Arts Director for a year now. I have given my life to the ministry and feel called to serve in a local church with Pastoral and Worship duties.  God called me at a young age but I haven’t let that stop me.  I am very appreciative for the mentors in my life such as Pastor Tim Bray.   I have been given many opportunities to serve and use my gifts at First Baptist and have been thankful for every one of them.  With my position at FBC I am privileged to serve with the best Musical Worship team ever!  My brother and sisters give up much of their time to be able to use their gifts to serve the church.  I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything!  Many of them are skilled not only in their area of focus but also know more than one instrument.  With all of this versatility we are blessed to be able to switch up and change around the set sometimes.  This is a place that I never thought I would be at.  I have came from being a tone deaf student in choir 5 years ago to a Music Student at NOBTS.  God has definitely had his hand on my life and on my team!  Trust in Him! “
With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matt 19:26
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Jessica Lavergne – Vocalist & Keyboard Player

My name is Jessica (Frickey) Lavergne. I graduated from Nicholls State University studying Vocal Music Education. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I am so thankful to God for my ability to sing and that I can serve Him by singing and playing music on the praise team here at FBC Thibodaux! God brought me into salvation in May 2012 and I’ve been running towards Him ever since. It has been difficult, but God never lets me go. He is sanctifying me and growing me every single day! I am so thankful to Him and I hope to be a light and show others that are struggling the hope that God gives through Jesus Christ!


Roland PT

Roland Bennett – Worship Leader & Electric Guitarist

Hi! My name is Roland Bennett. I am a senior instrumental and vocal music education major at Nicholls State University. I give music lessons and play guitar for a Christian band named Day Like This. I gave my life to Christ in the summer of 2007 and have been changed ever since. It is my deepest desire to seek his truth and use the gifts he has given me to bring glory to his name. I’ve been blessed to be apart of this amazing worship team since spring of 2013, and I plan on staying as long as I can. I have watched my faith grow so much over the past year with the help of the faithful leaders of this church. It is my prayer that my life testifies of my savior and that I can lead others to Christ.


Jonathan Fontenot – Guitarist

My name is Jonathan. I grew up here in Thibodaux and have lived here most of my life.  I was saved in the summer of 2009 after my return home from a military tour in Iraq/Kuwait. I served as the worship leader for Chi Alpha at Nicholls State University for 3 years until I graduated from Fletcher Community College with an Acc. In Criminal Justice and General Studies.  I married the love of my life, Jenna Fontenot, on July 20, 2013. I now serve in music ministry for FBC on the Wednesday rotation and as needed on Sunday mornings. I plan to attend seminary in the future and to move in to other areas of leadership and service in the church.  I love the people at FBC because they truly love one another, and proclaim the gospel clearly and accurately. The atmosphere of the church is greatly concerned with making disciples, meaningful worship, and fervent prayer. I am greatly appreciative of where God has placed me to serve the kingdom of God.
Funny PT

This team has been around for a while now, the core members being in place for over 2 years! God has blessed this team with many talents and gifts, to which all are given up to Him for His glory, honor, and praise! This praise team spends a lot of time together, and they treat each other like family. If you were to walk into a practice you would hear many things on top of the beautiful music such as laughter, encouragement, love, and support from and to each of the members. They are so thankful and honored to be able to serve the congregation at FBC Thibodaux every week in musical worship.